We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to live as independently as they are able.

icon_ILE2Meaningful Employment

We believe each person deserves the opportunity to discover their true potential through meaningful employment.

icon_ILE3Social Network

We believe everyone deserves to have a personally fulfilling social network, and the opportunity to be an active member and participant in their community.

icon_ILE4Employment Partners

We help employers feel confident about diversifying their workforce through the hiring of individuals with disabilities.

The ILE Difference

Quality of Life is Better or Average
ILE* 94%
National Average** 59%
Meaningful Employment
ILE* 93%
National Average** 42%
Living Independently
ILE* 95%
National Average** 17%
Weekly Social Involvement
ILE* 84%
National Average** 46%
* After the first 3 months of enrollment in ILE
**2010 Easter Seals Living with Disabilities Study

Your Potential. Our Commitment.

Our Mission

Independent Living Experience (ILE) is a customized support service for adults desiring a life of independence. Our team of dedicated professionals works directly with each adult to help them become their own self-determined advocate with the necessary skills to be successful within their living, working, and social environments.

We are passionate about supporting the independence of adults with disabilities through skill acquisition and maintenance in a variety of areas, including:

  • Personally Meaningful Employment
  • Stable Living Environment
  • Financial Security
  • Safe and Balanced Relationships
  • Active and Predictable Social Life
  • Healthy Lifestyle

Together, the ILE team works collaboratively, with each client and their family, to determine personal and professional goals, individual needs, and the desired direction for their future.

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