The ILE Difference

Independent Living Experience (ILE) is a customized support service for adults with disabilities. Focusing on the areas of Employment, Independent Living, and Social Skills, ILE services are 100% community-based and individualized to each client. At ILE, we understand the importance of providing quality supports that both our clients and their families deserve. It is with our innovative, community-based service model that we are able to focus on the client’s needs and their desire for independence. Supports are designed for each client with a goal of skill acquisition and maintenance across areas of their life within their local community, such as:


Independent Living Experience Transition Consultants come from a variety of backgrounds and education disciplines. ILE Consultants typically have professional experience as Special Education Teachers, Vocational Counselors, Therapists and Counselors, and in Behavioral Health.

More than 75% of ILE Consultants have earned a Master’s degree or are actively pursuing a Master’s degree. ILE Consultants also receive relevant and on-going professional development to ensure quality services and supports are provided.

In Texas, due to our contract requirements with Vocational Rehabilitation (formerly known as DARS), ILE Consultants also complete professional development and maintain credentials through the UNT WISE system and the Autism Endorsement through Relias Learning.

Clients and ILE Transition Consultants work together to create a support schedule that works with the Client’s needs. Transition Consultants work flexible schedules in order to meet the needs of the clients; however, the team is not considered 24/7 “on call” (or possible: around the clock).

The supports and services of ILE are provided through a Transition Consultant. While these Consultants assist, coach, and support you, the ILE program is not considered assisted or supported living (and cannot currently be funded by waivers or vouchers). ILE clients are capable of living independently safely. On average, clients typically access supports and services through their Transition Consultant 3-4 hours per week.

ILE would not be considered a traditional ‘Assisted or Supported Living’ program option as supports are not provided within a group home setting or care being provided around the clock.

In most of our client’s lives there come that time when they are ready to experience living independently either in their own apartment or house. ILE consultants are here to work with clients when they are ready to make that leap or change of independence. From creating a budget to determine affordability, narrowing location based on needs (accessibility to public transportation, close to work, etc), to providing support in Independent Living Skills the ILE team knows the importance of maintaining a safe and clean living environment can be tough to navigate without the proper supports.

Though ILE is not a residential program or housing agency, our team does assist clients in identifying living options within their price range, budget and preferences. If you are specifically seeking a residential support program or housing agency, please see our Resources section.

ILE Consultants work closely with clients who are interested in further pursuing employment based on their interests, experience and skill. Our team provides coaching and mentoring during each client’s personal career search while also providing support across the areas of: pre-employment skills, resume and cover letter development, interview skills, researching and tracking all things job search related.

We are often asked if we are an employment or staffing agency, so it’s important for us to share that ILE is unable to guarantee employment nor are we contracted with employers to fill job placements.

Should you wish to seek the help directly from an employment agency, please see our Disability Resources section.

Personally Meaningful Employment
  • Personally Meaningful Employment
Stable Living Environment
  • Stable Living Environment
Financial Stability
  • Financial Stability

Safe and Balanced Relationships
  • Safe and Balanced Relationships
Active and Predictable Social Life
  • Active and Predictable Social Life
Healthy Lifestyle
  • Healthy Lifestyle