What Do ILE Clients Have to Say?

Supports tailored around individual needs allows each Client to have a unique experience!

ILE has the kindest staff that cares a lot. I am more confident living on my own. The staff provides the extra support that I’ve needed to achieve my goals of employment and maintaining my home and budget.


ILE has helped me develop the skills I need to live in Denver on my own. What is best about the program is that I am the one that is in the drivers seat! With the help of the staff I have chosen a career path that involves both school and part time work in my area of study.


I have been in ILE for two and a half years. Thanks to ILE, I live on my own and have held my job for a year and a half. The other added bonus to ILE is the social events that I get to take part in.


What do Client Families Have to Say?

Our son, Brett, needs help with day to day living organization tasks, prioritizing his responsibilities, and with obtaining full-time employment. We have found over the past two year, with ILE, a vast improvement in Brett’s maturity and ability to live on his own.

He now lives in his own apartment, pays most of his bills on his own and is actively seeking to step up his employment from 30 hours per week to full-time. Both Jason and Allie have provided Brett with the guidance and motivation he needs to continue to progress. We are proud of how far he has come from “living in our basement” with little self-motivation to, living on his own and making many of his own decisions regarding day to day living challenges.

Thank you for all you have done for Brett. Given what we know, I only wish we would have availed ourselves earlier to your program.

Don and Jody

Raising a child on the autistic spectrum is challenging to say the least, especially in the young adult years. As an 18 year old, our son yearned for independence, but we knew that living on his own in a strange city while attending school or working was out of the question.

After finishing up his formal education under the tutelage of CLE, Rob transitioned to ILE. How lucky we were that this type of program was being formulated just when our son needed it. Not only did ILE help in his search for a job, but also provided a job coach when needed. ILE’s fee structure is very fair. Clients are charged only for the number of hours they need each week. Most important of all, we, as parents, can rest at night knowing that if some small emergency occurs, our son has someone to call. The only alternative to ILE would be for Rob to live at home which would not be emotionally healthy for him or us.

With ILE guidance, our son is living an independent life like his brothers and sisters.


Kyle has been with the ILE program in Denver since its inception. Although the staff who support him in his independent living and working situation have changed over the years, each and every individual has been professional and supportive. We live 1500 miles away so knowing that the ILE staff has a keen sense of our son’s needs gives us confidence and peace of mind.

Communication between ILE and consumers/families is frequent and is key to the success of our partnership.

Maureen and Bill