Common FAQs

Common FAQs2019-03-13T12:17:40-05:00

We have found many adults who have completed any post-secondary education or want to work and have basic independent living skills may still require some help to maintain a positive, productive life. That is where we step in.

We want to coach clients in accessing their circle of support and help hold them accountable for maintaining a level of independence or transferring their skills to a new community. Our transition consultants are available based on a bank of hours you purchase to coach in executive functioning, social engagement with other clients or in the community, career skills, money management or independent living skills.

What are the qualifications of ILE Transition Consultants?2019-03-12T15:25:24-05:00

ILE Consultants typically have professional experience as Special Education Teachers, Vocational Counselors, Therapists and Counselors, and in Behavioral Health.  

ILE Consultants also receive relevant and on-going supervision and professional development to ensure quality services and supports are provided. More than 75% of ILE Consultants have earned a Master’s degree or are actively pursuing a Master’s degree. 

Are the Transition Consultants “on call”?2019-03-12T15:26:05-05:00


Clients and ILE Transition Consultants work together to create a support schedule that works with the Client’s needs. We provide flexible schedules, however, the team is not considered 24/7 “on call”  

Is this a supported living or residential service?  2019-03-12T15:28:10-05:00

No, ILE is not a supported living program or group home setting.  

Clients live on their own or with a roommate in the community. Our Transition Consultants may provide some coaching in their home to help maintain or generalizing independent living skills, however our clients are able to safely live in the home without 24/7 oversight.  

Are you an employment agency?2019-03-12T15:30:17-05:00

We are not an employment agency but support clients as they pursue a career and gain work experience.  

Many of our clients need support in obtaining or maintaining employment. ILE Consultants work closely with clients who are interested in further pursuing employment based on their interests, experience and skill. 

Our team provides coaching and mentoring during each client’s personal career search while also providing support across the areas of: pre-employment skills, resume and cover letter development, interview skills, researching and tracking all things job search related. 

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